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In truth it is of monumental importance to the health and happiness of the individual, society, and nation. The book was written with these considerations mind. 4) Appropriate terms must be selected to further the reader s understanding of Taoist theories.

For example, the words peak and valley, which I have used seks v vanoi foto describe the types of orgasms for thirty years, are replaced by the words ordinary and superior (reasons for this are found in the text. From observation of the reproductive process, Taoists discovered that the sexual glands were endowed with God s power to create and God s intelligence to organize life.

In fact they knew that God was life, that He was the life force that animated all fotto things, that He was the motor seks v vanoi foto creative processes, and that He was the intelligence responsible for life engineering and cellular self-repair.

They also knew that the sexual glands could be used as a source of life force for their own bodies. These realizations caused Taoists to create a complete system of methods and techniques called the Tao of Sexology. With that Taoists hoped to elevate seks v vanoi foto to its fullest potential, to energize the whole body to seks v vanoi foto time. By following the Tao of Sexology, mankind will eventually incarnate God s nature to its fullest.

In Taoism the sexual organs and glands, where fanoi and life power are concentrated and generated, are g to as the stove. Free Deutsche Filme Pornos kostenlose Deutsche Filme Porn Seite 80 term underscores our dependence on sexual energy. We depend on the sexual gland to support our mental and physical functions as we depend on the stove to cook food.

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